Satisfied Clients

Here are just a few letters I have received from my clients:




Zoe's Fear of Water Conquered!

Zoe was very afraid of water. She nearly drowned at the dog park one day, and ever since then feared sprinklers and kiddie pools. I worked with Zoe at daycare to concur this fear and recorded her break through moment where she played in the kiddie pools for her owners. This is the email that her Mom sent me after receiving the video.
This is really fantastic, thank you so much for taking the time to video this for me.  But more importantly for working with Zoe to not be afraid of the water.  You are definitely the canine guru!

I really appreciate everything you do at born to run for the dogs, especially Zoe.  It is obvious you love what you do and you are excellent at it!

Thanks again for sending this over.

And yes, You have my permission to post this on your Facebook page.  Thank you for asking.

Lol, I just played the video with the sound on and she woke up from her nap when she heard your voice.  Cute!  She then started barking when she heard the other dogs but she definitely recognized you!

Thanks again,

Jack and Rusty's Nail Trim

Below are two emails sent from a satisfied nail trim client. She and her husband have two dogs, Jack (Hound mix) and Rusty (Rat Terrier). They had not been able to find anyone who had successfully been able to trim their dogs' nails, especially Jack's. During one of their stays at Born To Run, I did Jack's nails. A year later, she contacted me to do his nails once again. These two dogs go bananas when you touch their feet!
Email 1: A year or so back, we met at Born To Run while our dogs were enjoying a vacation.  You have been one of the only ones to successfully trim our dog Jack's nails.  I was hoping that it would be possible to see you on a regular basis to get Jack's nails done.  Because they are so long, we understand that it's not something that would be able to do be done in one sitting.  We'd also love to have you take care of our other dog, Rusty's nails as well.
Thanks Brandon!

- I was indeed able to do both dogs' nails in one sitting. As it turned out, Jack was not the hardest. It was Rusty who fought the most! But with some calm and patient energy, we got through it just fine. Below is the email Andrea sent after the nail trims.
Email 2: I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  You did amazing and I am super impressed in how you handled our nutty dogs!  :)

Andrea :)