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Rates & Services

Private Lessons: One on one training. I come to you! I will train your whole pack (up to 4 dogs) for the same price! Payment is due by the end of the lesson/consultation.

Consultation: $50 - Need a professional opinion? Aren't sure how many lessons you will need? The consultation is perfect for having your dog evaluated with out committing to a lesson or lesson package. Each consultation lasts up to 30 minutes long. The consultation fee is waived if you decide to sign up for lessons during the consultation, and you simply pay the price for one lesson, or for the whole package. If purchasing a package, the consultation becomes the first lesson and we will begin working right away. 

Private lesson at the park: $70 - 1 private lesson at the park (weather permitting). These lessons are for people that prefer not to have me come to their home. They're also great for socializing, behavior modification, walking, searching, hunting, AKC CGC training, etc. You will have homework between lessons. I teach you how to teach, and communicate with, your dog. This helps to build a stronger relationship between you and your furry family member!

Private lesson in-home: $85 - (Most popular) 1 Private lesson in your home. Great for solving behavior problems, obedience, AKC CGC training, crate training, potty training, etc. I come to your home and work with you and your dog together to achieve your goals. You will have homework between lessons. I teach you how to teach, and communicate with, your dog. This helps to build a stronger relationship between you and your furry family member!

Bundled Private Lessons: Get a discount for bundling private lessons! To receive the discount, the lessons must be paid for upfront. Discounts range from 5% Off to 15% Off and are dependent on how many lessons are purchased. Please contact me for more information.


Alpha Lesson: $375 - This includes a consultation and a private lesson in the home that can last up to 4 hours. It also includes a follow up visit as needed. The Alpha Lesson is like having your own personal seminar about your dog(s) in your home. By the time the lesson is over, you will understand your dog better than ever. Learn how your dog thinks, why s/he does what s/he does, and what you can do to modify his/her behavior. You'll also learn about conditioning and how it works to teach your dog how to build associations, and more. Purchasing the Alpha Lesson buys you a canine behaviorist all to yourself for up to 4 hours + a follow up, rather than just for an hour. Great for serious behavior issues, or simply for those that wish to learn more about their dogs. (Must be scheduled on weekends, and may be subject to a waiting list).


Classes: At least 3 dogs must be enrolled per class for the class to begin. AKC Classes are 7 weeks long, all others are 6 weeks. Contact us for more information on dates, times, and prices.

Puppy: (1 year and younger) Specifically designed for pups! Teach your puppy some basic manners such as sit, stay, come, lay down, and more! Great for socializing! 

Beginner: (1 year and older) Teach your dog the basics! This class teaches commands such as sit, stay, come, lay down, and how to walk on a leash. Good for dogs that are too old for the puppy class but still need to learn basics.

Advanced: (passed Beginner) More advanced commands! This class teaches more advanced versions of the basics like sitting for longer, staying from further away or during movement/distractions, leash work, etc. Dogs in this class must have passed a beginner or puppy class to enroll.

Click-A-Trick: (passed Beginner) Teach your pooch some cool tricks! Your dog will learn some neat tricks in this class! We'll teach things like Hi5, targeting, pawing objects, and more! This class is great if you'd like to learn how to teach your dog some advanced behaviors just for fun.

AKC Canine Good Citizen: (all dogs) Thinking of doing therapy work, or maybe you just want a well behaved dog in public? This class is excellent for teaching very practical behaviors! Teach your dog to be a good citizen in public! This class prepares you to take the AKC CGC Test. Once you complete the test, you can send in your form for a certificate from the AKC. This class is great for those that wish to use their dogs as therapy dogs. Also available in private lesson format. (Note that this class only prepares you for the test, you must find an evaluator outside of this class).


Home Dog Sitting Visits: Customized pet sitting in your home.

Price varies: Two visits a day (morning and evening), $5 per additional visit per day - Includes a potty break, feeding, and 30 minutes of play time or short walk for each visit. Plant watering and retrieving mail as needed is also included. Call for more information.

Medication: $3 extra during home visit.

 Additional Services:

Nail Trim: $10 to $20 per dog (Price will vary depending on difficulty) - Clippers or dremel. Great for difficult dogs that groomers may refuse to do. 

Walking: $20 per dog (Charge for fuel may apply) - Includes up to a 2 hour walk, waste pick up (during walk), and leash training as needed for dog. Service also includes transport to nearby park to conduct the walk.

In-home Bath: Base price of $35. Includes drying and brushing and nail trim. Owner provides shampoo and tub. Great for difficult dogs that do not like the tub or are afraid of cars/transportation.

Puppy Finder Program: $200. Need help picking the right dog for you? Enlist a professional's help! I will come out to your home and evaluate your style of living to help you find the perfect dog. Perhaps you'd like a companion for your current dog. I take the guess work out of finding that perfect pooch. You will be matched up with different choices of dogs that match your temperament and energy level. Just sit back, relax, and let me do all the work. I call breeders and shelters to inquire about the dogs and arrange meetings while you take it easy! Before you know it, you'll have the perfect dog for you and your family! (Shelter/Breeder fees not included. I do NOT support puppy mills).

Addition Fees: 

Additional fuel charge may be applied depending on distance traveled. This charge applies to each visit.



*65 or older? Ask about the 15% Senior Citizen Discount (also applies to students and military (active and veteran)!* This discount is applied to packaged lessons only. Individual lessons are not eligible. Must ask before signing up to receive it. Can not be combined with any other discount.

 **Referral Program** Refer me to friends and family and if they sign up for 4 bundled lessons or more, you'll get a free lesson! They must tell me they were referred by you.


 Price Match Guarantee!

Show me a better price and I'll match or beat it! Low price, quality service.*

*Applies to training/behavior work only.