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The above video shows some of the dogs I've helped over the years via my blogs and services.
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Welcome! My name is Brandon Ross. I am a canine behaviorist with more than 25 years experience. I am a specialist in the dog training community and work primarily with dogs that are aggressive, fearful, or have an obsessive behavior of some kind.
This site is here to help you to get to know me better, and learn about my credentials and services. Check out the Satisfied Clients page for referral letters and testimonies.
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 Dog Trainer: A person who teaches dogs new skills such as, but not limited to; Obedience, Service Work, Dog Sports, & Puppy Manners.
Canine Behaviorist: A person who helps dogs and their owners to overcome behavior issues such as, but not limited to; Aggression, Fear, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, & Social Disorders.
Zoe's Break Through Moment!
Zoe's Break Through Moment

Zoe here (Black Lab mix in red collar) was VERY afraid and avoidant of sprinklers and pools after nearly sinking to the bottom of the pond at the dog park as a young pup. So I decided to help by working with her at daycare to conquer her fear. Watch as Zoe has her break through moment and not only enters the pools, but plays in them! I love a good challenge, and the patience I had to practice with her was just that. Way to go Zoe!

Posted by The Canine Guru on Wednesday, March 28, 2012
 Zoe was very afraid of water. Even in small kiddie pools. As a puppy, her owner said she nearly drowned at the dog park while in the pond. Ever since then, she avoided any kind of standing water. It took me 2 months of working with Zoe at daycare to achieve this moment! She is a great dog, and we are very proud of her! You can read her owner's emails to me after having seen this video, on the "Satisfied Clients" page.
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